Suckler Farming Benefits

Easy Cross Compliance

Herdwatch allows you to record your remedy purchases, remedy use and feed purchases on the go.

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Calf Registration

Register calves in 30 seconds. It’s simply a matter of tagging the calf, opening up Herdwatch and registering it.

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Herd Management

Keep on top of your herd with constant access to your animal details i.e. Age, TB date when you want. Get daily reminders in the Watchboard and produce reports in seconds.

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No more missed Heats! Record Heat Observations, Serves & Scanning. Information sent securely to the ICBF.

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Fast Weight Recording

You can record weights in Herdwatch quickly and easily. Herdwatch will then calculate the Average Daily Gain for you.

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Paperless Cattle Movement Certs

Herdwatch allows you to apply for a Movement Cert on the spot and complete the movement process in a minute.

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HerdWatch app iPhone

Save time and hassle on farm compliance paperwork

Suckler farmers save 3 hours per week on average recording events for Cross-Compliance and the Sustainable Beef and Lamb Scheme (SBLAS) with the Herdwatch farm management app.

Herdwatch is fully approved by the Department of Agriculture and compliant with the Bord Bia Sustainable Beef and Lamb Scheme (SBLAS) guidelines. When an event such as an animal remedy treatment or purchase is recorded in the Herdwatch app then you are fully compliant.

Record farm events for SBLAS or Cross-Compliance as they happen using your smart phone, tablet or PC even without an internet connection. The app allows farmers to record events such as cattle treatments from the Crush, this information is the backed up the cloud when an internet connection is available meaning your most important records will always be safe.

What Compliance information can I record in Herdwatch?

  • Remedy Purchases
  • Remedy Stock Tracking
  • Animal Remedy Treatments
  • Feed Purchases
  • Sprays and Pesticide purchases
  • Sprays and Pesticide Use

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Register calves as you tag them, it takes less than 30 seconds.

Do away with your Record books. Record remedies and feed purchases as it happens in Herdwatch.

Never miss another heat! Herdwatch will remind you when your cow is due to come in-heat or repeat.


Suckler Farm Management

Herdwatch helps Suckler farmers improve their farm management and productivity by giving you access to farm record when you need them.

The Watchboard

The Watchboard gives Suckler farmers daily reminders of animals to that might need attention or tasks that need to be completed.

The Watchboard will notify suckler farmers of:

  • What animals are due to repeat
  • What animals are in meat withdrawal
  • What cows are due to calve in the next week
  • What calves still need to be Registered

Your Herd in Your hand

A key benefit of Herdwatch is having all your animal's details on the spot. As Herdwatch is truly mobile you have access to your information all the time even if you don’t have an internet connection. So, if you’re out in the field and want to check what calf that cow belongs to you simply take out your phone and check.

Creating Animal Groups and Filters

Recording events for groups of animals in Herdwatch is quick and easy. Create groups for your cattle and then manage them in Herdwatch like you do on the farm.

Recording treatment for groups is quick and easy. Herdwatch comes fully stocked with automatic filters which help quickly identify animals with specific criteria such as calves born on farm or weanling purchased.

Breeding Management

Getting Cows back in calf can be a challenge for Suckler farmers and the breeding period can be a determining factor on whether you make a profit or loss. Getting Heifers to calf down at 24 months old and shortening your calving interval by a few days will have a major effect on your farm income and your cows Eurostar rating.

Herdwatch will help you manage the full breeding cycle, from Heat Checks to Inseminations and Pregnancy Scanning. It will help you get your cows back in calf quicker and identify the problem cows early.

Breeding information can be viewed Breeding section of Herdwatch. Suckler farmers can view information in easy to understand reports which can also be printed with a touch of a button.


Easily produce Reports in Herdwatch

All information recorded in Herdwatch can be easily produced as report, these reports can either be can be produced as Pdf or Excel reports or viewed in the Herdwatch app.

Herdwatch is allows Suckler farmers to do much more than just record farm events and meet basic compliance requirements guidelines. Herdwatch gives Suckler farms to make informed decisions using reports that on information that has been recorded over the past year.

You can produce reports for:

  • Bord Bia Sustainable Beef and Lamb Scheme (SBLAS) and Cross Compliance
  • Cattle in a Milk Meat Period
  • Animals in Herd
  • Groups
  • Calves born
  • Breeding
  • Weight recording and average daily gains
  • Cost Management

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