Fast Weight Recording and Average Daily Gains at your fingertips

Quick input of Weights

Simply pick the animal, enter the weight, and click “Save”. You will see a summary of the Weight record, including Average Daily Gain.

For the next animal, just type the last few digits of the tag or freeze-brand, enter the weight, click “Save”. It’s that simple.

Automatic Average Daily Weight Gain

Once you record a weight in Herdwatch it will automatically calculate the ADG of that animal giving you more knowledge of their performance.

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Previous weights when you want

As Herdwatch works without internet you can look up weights whenever you want, as well as this you can print off all weight reports too.

Approved by ICBF

If you already subscribe to the HerdPlus information service by ICBF, and do your own weighing in Herdwatch, your weight records will automatically be sent to ICBF which means you will get the benefit of better reporting from ICBF. Herdwatch is fully approved by ICBF to provide this integration free of charge to our customers.