Register your calves in 30 seconds or less, on the go!

Register your calves in 30 seconds or less, on the go!

Register calves in seconds

Herdwatch is designed to make calf registration simple. Simply fill in the required information, it even displays the last tag registered. If you record your breeding events, it makes it faster again.

On the spot Calf Registration

Herdwatch is a truly mobile app which means you can register calves as you tag them. You don’t even need an internet connection, Herdwatch works offline.

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Never Register an over age calf

Herdwatch will warn you if you are about to register a calf over 27 days cutting down on calf registration mistakes.

Pedigree Breeders

Pedigree breeders can also register their calves on Herdwatch with an area allowing them to input Pedigree Name.

Correct Data Sent Promptly

You can easily check calf details before you register them on Herdwatch so you can eliminate registration problems before they occur.

Herdwatch will even warn you if you are registering a calf to a cow with 280 days of her last calving, provided there is a calf already linked to this cow in Herdwatch.

Calves not registered

Herdwatch will remind you if you have created a calf but haven’t completed the registration process making sure no calf goes unregistered.