Keeping Your Herd Updated

Keeping Your Herd Updated

Know what's in Your Herd at all times

Herdwatch allows you to keep your Herd up to date at all times by using the Herd Sync button. When you buy or sell animals, you simply do a Herd Sync and Herdwatch will automatically add or remove animals from your herd.

No More Herd Register

As herd watch keeps tracks of animals moving in or out of your herd there is no need to write this into the Blue book!

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Number of days in Herd

As Herdwatch knows the date animals moved into your herd you can easily identify the number of days an animal has been in your herd i.e. 70 days in herd for Quality Assurance.

Records on the spot

As Herdwatch works offline all animal details can be got on the spot when you need them whether in the field or shed.