The Herdwatch story so far: from concept to changing farmers' lives

The Herdwatch journey started in Roscrea, Co. Tipperary, Ireland in 2011 with a ‘eureka’ moment, by co-founder Fabien Peyaud. His initial research, backed by FRS Farm Relief Services and CEO Peter Byrne, showed that over 90% of cattle farmers did not use any form of herd management software. “Urban myths” would have us believe that farmers just don’t like technology or are unable to use it. Fabien did not believe this, and the rest is history...

The idea is born


Research begins on why 90% of farmers did not use any form of farm software. The answer to that question formed the building blocks of Herdwatch, which Fabien designs and develops over the following 2 years.

Version 1 is released

February 2014

Herdwatch version 1 is released to the Irish market. It is the first truly mobile farm management app that allows farmers to record their compliance requirements on the spot. The app is cloud-based and also works fully offline, making a truly valuable farm tool.

Version 3 and our first 1,000 farmers

September 2015

Herdwatch version 3 is released just before the 2015 NPA Ploughing Championships. The app is launched with a whole new look and feel, making it even easier to use. In the same month we also reach our first 1,000 farmers.

3,000 Farmers give Herdwatch the thumbs up

April 2016

We had a crazy few months from September 2015 to April 2016, with 2,000 more farmers saying goodbye to their farm paperwork and signing up to the Herdwatch app.

Entering the UK market

November 2016

Herdwatch UK version 1.0 goes live in November 2016. The app is tailored to the UK market requirements but it brought the simplicity, mobility and value for money that earned it so much traction in the Irish market.

6,000 Farms managed with our App

September 2017

Herdwatch is the No. 1 farm management app in Ireland, and ready to take on the world, muahaha!

Meet some of the Herdwatch Team

Fabien Peyaud

Fabien Peyaud

CEO and Co-founder

Born and raised in south-eastern France, moved to Ireland in 1996. Fabien has 20 years experience designing and building technology solutions to business challenges, and has spent the last few years researching, developing and managing Herdwatch with a small but dedicated and growing team of people.

Eoin Moloney

Eoin Moloney

Head of Member Experience

Eoin was “Employee No 1” at Herdwatch, and has contributed to the many important events and decisions that were made along the way. With a real flair for building and maintaining customer relationships, he and his team are always making sure our members are looked after in a friendly and professional manner.

James Greevy

James Greevy

Head of Product & Marketing

James joined the Herdwatch team in May 2015 after graduating with an MSc in Business Management, and has been instrumental since in shaping and refining the Herdwatch feature set and value proposition. James has an agricultural background, his family run a farm in Co. Roscommon, so he’s no stranger to the challenges and delights of farming life.

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